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SoundTrack Songs 2011

Songs of Soundtrack 2011

This is something that says atomizer. Not a great track, but I have the theme in the loop and not get bored for a long time only in the background going. Repeatedly, give me some typical Midival Karsh Kale-Punditz music.

The following Banao banao by Papon has been one of his famous songs, and his magic did not let him in this light, experimental, silly track. Liked.

This is all I Manzil my serious music on this album. The song sung by Vishal Vaid, not only a beautiful early music, but a wonderful lyrics as well. Rocking.

Fakira, next track, sung by Vishal Vaid again, a good start and some addictive music with words of such a nature that they keep repeating in your head. You can probably call it an electronic Sufi number, if you can get what I'm trying to say.

Kailash Kher sings the following song Main Chala, full of enthusiasm and Josh, that Kailash is singing in his distinctive voice, with a small rocky music. Will sound okay without a video / background detail, but looks much better when you have an idea of the background of the song.

Papon returns Naina Laage, after a wave started to move to some beautiful singing in a nice rhythm to sing. There are not too many words in the six and a half minute song, but it still sounds wonderful. One of the best songs on the album.

The next track is a remix of Kishore Kumar's time Jaana nahi, sung by Suraj Jagan, who surprisingly good fit in the track, all the live feeling of the song a bit in my opinion can be reduced. But I have a feeling that those not heard the song yet, this would a nice place, and those who did, will really be offended. A nice three in the short. Well done Rockstar son.

The following line is a symphony of the streets and Midival Punditz Karsh Kale is a kinda easy on the ears cacophony, consisting of the sounds of horns, trains, airplanes, and more. Try this one.
The soundtrack theme is something that seems a kinda similar sound, but there is no cacophony involved, but instead, a nice, soothing melody can be found in the background.

Anushka Manchanda What the F is sounded promising in the beginning, but gets a bit banal where the punch line kicks. Still not really bad.

Finally comes Malini Awasthi sung You Jeevan Hai, not the song in a sweet loving voice singing, but in a more serious solid tone, it may seem a little too hard, but then you Jeevan Hai, and so it. Liked. Can not choose to Kishore course, but I do not think I would care to listen to this version. Do not try unless you absolutely can not Kishore songs sung by others to hear.

Overall, Soundtrack is something new, which Midival Karsh Kale Punditz and was kinda expected. But Papon's contributions added to give more variety and sweet on the album. I'm not sure how many will love the album, but if you like electronics, a fan of Midival Punditz / Karsh Kale, or want to try something new, I think you should go for this one.

Sound Track Songs 2011

01 Atomizer - Sound Track Songs 2011

02 Banao - Sound Track Songs 2011

03 Ek Manzil - Sound Track Songs 2011

04 Fakira - Sound Track Songs 2011

05 Main Chala - Sound Track Songs 2011

06 Naina Laagey - Sound Track Songs 2011

07 Ruk Jaana Nahin (Remix) - Sound Track Songs 2011

08 Symphony Of The Streets - Sound Track Songs 2011

09 The Soundtrack Theme - Sound Track Songs 2011

10 What The F - Sound Track Songs 2011

11 Yeh Jeevan Hai (Remix) - Sound Track Songs 2011

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